Explore the shore and more for this year’s marine week


Scan the seas for marine mammals, look for rockpool monsters and delights or even go on a snorkel safari to mark this year’s National Marine Week, urge Cornwall Wildlife Trust PICTURES: ADRIAN LANGDON / HEDVIKA MICHNOVA

21st July 2021


There’s much more to our coasts than spectacular views. During National Marine Week (July 24 to August 1), the Wildlife Trusts will be showcasing the nation’s shores and coastal waters.

This is particularly important in Cornwall, where we are blessed with the longest stretch of coastline in the country, abundant in diverse and precious wildlife.

Although no one in Cornwall lives more than 16 miles from the coast, many of us don’t go to the beach, particularly in summer. Marine Week events attract seasonal beachgoers, but Cornwall Wildlife Trust especially welcomes locals and their families.

National Marine Week has an important message: we learn to care about and for our coastline by finding out what’s there. Marine species are remarkably robust and yet so fragile in the face of new threats brought about by our actions.

You never know what you’ll find: in 2016, Cornwall Wildlife Trust’s Shoresearch volunteers discovered a longlost nationally rare species of hermit crab, aptly named the ‘St Piran’s crab’ after a vote on BBC Springwatch.

They sometimes find new species colonising from abroad, from Asian seaweeds to Mediterranean shrimps. Cornwall Wildlife Trust’s message is that all of our sightings are important, to boost our knowledge and to inform and influence how our coastline and wildlife are threated, now and into the future.

All activities are under the guidance of the trust’s expert marine staff, plus experienced volunteers from Cornwall’s Marine Conservation Groups, Shoresearch, Seaquest Southwest, and the recently completed Your Shore Beach Rangers project. Cornwall Wildlife Trust National Marine Week events will run from July 24 to August 1.