Dynnargh! Here’s the new newspaper for Penzance


Meet the Penzance Council team, who offered a warm welcome to the Penzance Voice this week. Pictured
from the left are: Jackie Stone, Teresa Fogerty, Becky Orchard (communications) and town clerk Hester Hunt.

11th May 2021

By Tim Dixon

A warm welcome to the first edition of the Penzance Voice, your new community newspaper.

We aim to make a positive impact on Penzance after what has been an extraordinary 13 months – at times distressing and at times life-affirming.

We hope the post-lockdown recovery has begun and as your new community champion, the Penzance Voice team will do everything we can to support, encourage and promote economic and social revival.
We want to champion everything that is good and great about Penzance and its surrounds. It is you, the readers, who shape its character, safeguard its heritage and carry it passionately into the decades ahead.
We’re not just here for a giant love-in though. We’re here to report fairly and accurately on issues of the day which get you thinking, debating or even arguing.

We want to be at the heart of the big talking points in Penzance and provide a platform for lively, healthy debate.

We will hold people and organisations to account where necessary, but we’ll also be first in the queue to celebrate success, progress and innovation.

An old editor of mine once said of his newspaper: “If it goes on, it goes in” – and although there are myriad ways to access news these days, that maxim still holds true for your Penzance Voice team.

Our aim is to be hyper local, entertaining, diverse, colourful, inclusive and informative. We need your help, though. Our reporting team cannot be everywhere at once, so please get in touch and let us know what is going on in your area.

This is your newspaper so please send us your reports and pictures. If you take the trouble to send news and in formation to us, we will make sure we publish it. We want to include everything from village shows, WI meetings, school achievements, golden wedding anniversaries, sporting successes – the list goes on and on. We want to celebrate the area’s characters, its quirks, its defining qualities.

The paper will be available on shop shelves and digital download every Wednesday and with your help, you can rest assured that if it’s gone on, it’s gone in.